Terrible Earthquake in Nepal

Kendyll Clark, Writer

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Recently there was an earthquake in Nepal with a magnitude of 7.3. At least 37 people were killed after this earthquake hit, it triggered landslides and toppling buildings. It was centered near the Chinese border between Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, and Mount Everest. It was followed by at least five aftershocks! They measured from the magnitude of 5.6 to 6.3.

The Home Ministry of Nepal reported they there were 42 deaths but soon lowered it to 37. Although there are not that many dead, there are al least 1,139 injured! That’s a lot of people considering what a small country Nepal is. In India, their Home Ministry confirmed that 16 people are dead after walls and rooftops collapsed onto them. Apparently, a large number of buildings collapsed in the small, isolated town of Chautara after the earthquake in Nepal, killing about 4 people.

Information is slowly but surely coming in but officials and the medical helpers expect more deaths to occur. According to Fox News, “IOM spokesman Paul Dillon said a search and rescue team had already begun searching through the wreckage of Chatara. Norway’s Red Cross, which was helping people at a 60-bed hospital, said on Twitter in Norwegian that there were “many injured, several killed” and added that their hospital tents have already received patients,”

This is obviously a very upsetting time for the families in Nepal, so you can go to www.globalgiving.org to donate to the families in need. You can also call 845-226-6663 for more information.