Jay Z Helps Protestors

Hannah Bell and Reanna McCune

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Protests spread last year after a white police officer shot dead an unarmed African-American teenager, Michael Brown, in St. Louis. More protests, some turning violent, have begun in recent weeks in Baltimore after another African-American man, Freddie Gray, died from a spinal injury sustained in police custody. New York (AFP) – Rap mogul Jay Z has quietly used his wealth to post bail for people arrested in protests across the United States against police excesses, an author close to him said.  “When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I… hit Jay up, as I had for Ferguson (and he) wired tens of thousands” of dollars within minutes, the author tweeted.

She also tweeted about Beyoncé and Jay Z writing a “huge check” to the Black Lives Matter movement for improving police attitude towards African-Americans. 8; Jay Z, who grew up poor in New York City, has shared concerns about police actions. In 2003, Jay Z set up the Shawn Carter Foundation, using his real name, which provided $2.9 million in scholarships  to support higher education for people in need. But Jay Z and Beyonce, some of America’s most recognizable faces, have mainly avoided public events. They met Brown and Gray’s families last week at a peace concert in Baltimore, but left without making public appearances. He also performed a concert in New York on Saturday and paid homage to Brown and Gray.

“The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous.” – Jay Z