Is Senior Prank Day Tolerable, or Is It Just Immature Vandalism?

Too many pranks are vandalism and even crime.

Is Senior Prank Day Tolerable, or Is It Just Immature Vandalism?

Madison Nash, Writer

Senior prank day. The one day a year kids think it’s ok to cause mischief. Recently, here at Granite Hills, we had senior prank day, and the results were horrific.

A lot of the classrooms in the D and E wing were vandalized. Some of our own students decided to be funny by putting glue in the locks, so several teachers could not enter their classrooms, which caused hundreds of dollars in damage.

What the students didn’t know, is that their faces were caught on security cameras scattered around the school. Eventually, they were caught and faced punishment.

This isn’t the first case of “extreme” pranking on senior prank day, in June 2007, Wayne Valley High School students were charged after planting smoke bombs in the school and setting off a bomb scare and a school evacuation. Three students entered a Pretrial Intervention program in 2009, which allows for charges to be dismissed if the individuals meet certain conditions. The students were required to report to a probation officer, do 100 hours of community service, and pay $8,732.48 each to make up for investigators’ overtime.

In another case, a teen was arrested for sneaking a blow-up doll in a package into the school bathroom, and it was mistaken for a bomb. The Indiana bomb squad was also involved, and now the senior could be facing 8 years in prison.

Some schools are fine with a little harmless prank as long as you don’t damage or vandalize the school.

It’s all fun and games until you cause damage. Senior pranks are about having fun and leaving your mark, but is leaving your mark really worth the price?

With actions, comes consequences, whether good or bad. It’s all up to you to decide what actions you make, and if you can face those consequences.

Next Senior prank day, before you do something wacky or stupid, just ask yourself “how will this affect me?” and “Is this really just harmless fun?” You never know, you could be making the worst mistake of your life, a mistake that could cost you both jail time and money.