There Are Many New TV Series to Watch!

Not All TV Series Begin in the Fall!


Cassidy Womack, Writer and Editor

Are you tired of watching t.v. series that have been on for 8 seasons? Are you looking for something fresh to begin watching? Well, lucky for you, 2015 has come with many new and exciting shows to watch that have just started. Whether you are looking for comedy, drama, or paranormal, they have it all. The 5 shows that pop up when I searched for new shows of 2015 were Younger, Daredevil, The Messengers, iZombie, and Better Call Saul.

The first show, Younger, was first shown on March 31, 2015 on the TV Land network. Featuring actors Hilary Duff (Kelsey) , Sutton Foster (Liza), Debi Mazar (Maggie), Miriam Shor (Diana), and Nico Tortorella (Josh), this show is considered a comedy and according to, it is the show to watch with a 7.9 rating out of ten. Younger is about a recently divorced, 40-year old, single mom named Liza who decides that it is time to rejoin the working world. After being convinced that she looks younger than her age, Liza gets help from her best friend, Maggie, and creates a whole new person who is 26, not 40. She then gets a job at a company as the assistant of the marketing design executive, Diana and befriends her 20 year old coworker Kelsey. Want to see what happens, tune in to TV Land on Wednesdays to see how Liza manages to keep her secret and what she does with her new younger status.

Next is the show Daredevil, which is featured on Netflix. It came out on April 10, 2015 and is in the action and science fiction genres. This series is a marvel superhero series about a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock, who finds that he has superhumanly enhanced senses. He uses these senses to fight crime in New York at night as Daredevil. His main foe, Wilson Fisk otherwise known as Kingpin, is a wealthy and powerful businessman who is not a fan of Daredevil. Sound interesting? Want to know more? Well, go on Netflix to watch.

On April 17, 2015, The Messengers aired for the first time on The CW. The messengers is about  five people who inherit new and strange powers after a mysterious object falls from the sky and knocks them out. Vera Ivanov (Shantel VanSanten) is a scientist, Erin (Sofia Black D’Elia)  is a single mom trying to protect her son from her ex-husband, Peter (Joel Courtney) is a delinquent high school student, Raul (J.D. Pardo) is an agent who is trying not to be caught in an undercover assignment, and Joshua Jr.(John Fletcher) is a televangelist. Together, they must join together to find out what happened to them, learn how to control their powers, and either be the cause of an impending rapture, or stop it. You can see this on Fridays on the CW.

iZombie premiered on March 17, 2015. Featuring actors Rose McIver as Liv Moore, Malcolm Goodwin as Clive, Robert Buckley as Major, Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, and David Anders as Blaine Debeers, this show is an interesting story of how Liv was turned into a zombie when she went to a party and now everytime she eats a brain, she feels and acts like the person whose brain she ate. She uses this gift to help Clive solve murders in the FBI. Clive thinks that Liv is psychic. Major is Liv’s ex-fiance whom Liv broke up with when she became a zombie. He works for teen boys who are in rough spots and is trying to figure out where the boys have started disappearing to. Dr. Ravi works at the morgue with Liv and is the only one that knows Liv’s secret. He is on a mission to discover what is causing the zombie mutation and to cure Liv. Want to know more? Well, the show comes on every Tuesday on the CW.

On February 8, 2015, Better Call Saul had its first episode. It is a spin-off of the hit T.V. series Breaking Bad. Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, is the former attorney for the Walter White who was a chemist that turned to dealing meth when he came upon hard times. This show is about 6-years before when Saul was struggling to make a name for himself and learning the ropes. His morals and goals often clash, but he is overall a great representative for his low-income clientele. This may seem like a boring show, but it has amazing ratings. 100% of the critics at say that this is a good show and voted positively. According to, 9.3 of 10 stars have been given to this show from its general audience. Better Call Saul plays on AMC network on Mondays.

There you have it. Five great new shows to sink into and enjoy. Leave the overplayed, overextended shows and start with something fresh and new. You can go back to the old shows later. If you liked this story or have any comments, please comment in the boxes below. If you think we should talk about your favorite show, let us know. We value all opinions of the student body.