AVERT Program Is Looking for Members!

AVERT helps you prepare for many different careers.


Madison Nash and Abigail Williams

Wednesday April 15th, AVERT held a meeting, trying to recruit members. AVERT is a club that teaches you how to deal with real life medical situations. Also, if a real emergency were to break out at the school you would be able to respond and help those in need.  As the time went on more students filled in the seats.  It was a productive meeting for those who wanted to learn how to do basic CPR and lifesaving skills. There was a total of 16 new people that wanted to join the club next year. In the meeting, the student leader explained the requirements of AVERT.

If you wanted to join you would have to wear navy blue slacks, maroon or grey polo shirt, a leather black belt, black socks, steel shoes (toe or bottom) and a waterproof watch. The outfit is a super simple, most of the uniform you can get a Walmart or Target.

The one thing that is most important to learn in this club is how to trust others and learn how to work with people. In the real world you have to learn to get along with others and try to come to their aide when they need you. AVERT is also a good thing to put on your college applications and job applications. If a real emergency were to break out you would be able to assist and help the person out.

The after school meeting was held in D507. Only four new people showed up for the class, because it was announced last minute. They took us on a rundown of what they would be doing for triage. Then, they showed us how to secure a person to backboard. Afterwards, they finished their triage we went inside for a lesson. Mrs. Anderson passed around some face masks and asked the club members what they would have to do for a certain type of CPR. We then sat and listened to some medical stories. Every now and again the members would have to tell Mrs. Anderson what they would if they were in those certain situations.

If you are interested in joining you can attend a meeting on May 20 after school in D507. You need a ride to pick you up after the meeting.