DUI Court Is Held at GHHS

Abigail Williams and Madison Nash

On May 26, the Granite Hills Performing Arts center held a reenactment of a DUI court case. Most of the seats were occupied by seniors and other students. There were many police officers that also attended and stood against the walls. It started at 10:15 A.M and lasted till 11:18 A.M. It gave a great perspective on what would really happen in a court house. It was really intense and sometimes it felt as if you were watching a real DUI case.

It started off with a real video that showed us of a drunk man hitting innocent teenagers in another car. The teenagers in the car that was t-boned were all wearing seat belts and none of them died. Although, the fireman had to use the jaws of life to get the passengers out of the car. When they were successfully all out they were immediately rushed to the hospital. The two back seat passengers had the most severe injuries. The woman broke her pelvis and had a punctured kidney with glass all over her body. The man had organs punctured and his face bleeding. The suspect had drank before getting onto the road.

This video then ended and the reenactment started. All of the people were in their places. When the judge had entered the room we all stood up and when she took her seat and told us we could sit. She read out what had been caused by the drunk driver, and asked the jury if they found the victim guilty or not. The jury agreed that he was guilty, both of the attorneys got to speak about how he was guilty or how he wasn’t. Both Attorneys had good reasons on why he was or wasn’t guilty. When the attorney’s were done, a fake suspect of the car crash got to speak. She told them what she had experienced and that how painful the experience was, and also told them that she had lost a piece of her mind and she was very upset and hurt over this experience. When she was done giving her speech the suspect stood up. He told the victims that he was sorry and that he had made a big mistake and regrets it. When the suspect was done the judge told him his consequences. He would have to pay over two thousand dollars in total of the combined fee’s and would spend three years in jail. The police then handcuffed the suspect and led him to jail. The reenactment finished and was done with.

Following this was one of the four real suspects of this car crash on June 1, 2014. She explained to us how she was strong willed as a child and when the car crash happened it felt like everything was torn from her. She only remember parts of the crash. She was the left passenger in the back seat who suffered a broken pelvis and a punctured kidney.

The victim continued her painful story which was incredibly moving. She had a very long recovery from this car accident where the other victims didn’t. She put a lot of detail and heart into telling us her story. She was glad to be alive and everyday is a blessing for her.

When the victim finished her parlance the jury which were filled with seniors asked questions. The attorneys and judge answered them as detailed as they could without any confusion.

The reenactment was excellent and well-acted. Student’s should get the chance to see a reenactment like this.

Don’t drink and drive Cougars; you’re putting innocent lives in danger because of your actions. Think before you act, you could prevent a whole lot of damage.