Avoid the Stomach Flu!

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Our common enemy, the flu bug.

Our common enemy, the flu bug.

Madison Nash, Writer

Recently an outbreak of a bad stomach virus has been going around campus. It has been effecting teachers, staff and students.

The norovirus, otherwise known as the stomach flu, are groups of viruses that attack your gastrointestinal tract. They can also be food poisoning, and can cause cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. You can get this from eating or drinking contaminated food or, touching your nose, mouth and eyes after touching someone, or something infected with the virus.

Once you’ve caught this nasty flu, it can spread quickly from one person to another. Symptoms that tell you that you have this flu are: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, chills, fever and watery diarrhea.

You can prevent this by “Washing your hands, drink water to prevent dehydration, give children oral rehydration solution, Carefully dispose of any contaminated items, wash fruits and vegetables, clean and disinfect surfaces, and don’t eat food that has been prepared by someone who has been sick, or has just recovered from being sick” says webmd.com.

If you have caught the stomach flu, drink Sport drinks, water, broth, or tea. Do not drink anything with caffeine in it. If you’re hungry eat, bananas, toast, rice, or a bowl of applesauce. You also need lots of rest. Lastly, you can try acupressure, and medication. advises healthline.com.

Try to avoid salty foods, dairy products, fiber, alcohol, spicy foods and fatty foods. Also, if you are taking medication for the stomach flu, use it wisely, and avoid aspirin.

Make sure to avoid people who have the virus, in less you are taking proper precautions. If someone has recently recovered from the virus, they should avoid handling food for a week or two.

Do not come to school if you are sick, so you can prevent getting other Cougars sick, and you can recover properly!