Iron Chef Competition Gives Mr. Arnt Free Tacos!

We are unhappy, because only Mr. Arnt got to eat the tacos. He should have shared them with us.


Madison Nash, Writer

On March 19 2015, Cougar Kitchen held the Iron Chef Competition during 2nd period. Journalism was asked to watch while Mr. Arnt judged the 2nd period competition.

I asked him about his thoughts on the judging “It was pretty fun,” he said, “I really enjoyed the salsa in one of the tacos, and one with corn mixed into the beef.”

The event was enjoyable, we got to watch and eat cookies, music played and everyone was laughing and having a good time, and It was fun and exciting.

The judges grouped them into two categories and rated one to ten in appearance taste. They had to make comments and ate eat the tacos. “Tacos could be a million different things. My son loves this one place down the hill where they do something with chili rellenos and wrap it in cheese,” said Mr. Arnt, one of the  judges, and our Journalism teacher.

Everything was made from scratch, even the taco shells. Each team had 30 minutes before they could serve.

It was not a serious competition, so even the competitors were laughing and joking with each other.

Iron Chef is an actual TV show that appeared on October 10, 1993. It is currently shown on the food network in Canada, the cooking channel in the United States, and the Special broadcasting service in Australia. In ended in 1999, but in 2012 Fuji TV currently aired a new version of the show.

After a long, hungry, good smelling battle, Patient Thompson was victorious 2nd period chef.  However, all participants worked hard.

Journalism was glad to have gotten to watch in this fun event. We give our thanks to Mrs. Morgan, and the participants. Congrats to Patient Thompson and the other winners from this event. We all had a great time and are looking forward to participating again.