AVUSD Science Fair Held at GHHS!


Madison Nash and Abigail Williams

On Friday February 20, Granite Hills hosted the district science fair. This year the district had over 200 projects submitted from each school in Apple Valley. There were tons of great looking projects with a great deal of talented kids of all ages. The gym was packed with great projects, and some bright students. “There’s hope for the future.” praised Mrs. Salisbury when we asked her about the students participating.

We interviewed a judge and some students, Jennifer Williams, one of the judges, let us ask her some questions. “Down side was announcements. Gives little kids a new experience. Bigger space.” was what she had to say. We also stopped by some of the middle school booths, and looked around, we also interviewed some of the intelligent, bright minds as well. “Loved being at a high school and it opened a new experience for me. It’s my fourth time coming. It gave me lot more room than it did at the other place that hosted it.” was what Sierra Franco, an 8th grader from Sitting Bull Middle School, had to say.

While the students were getting judged, others were participating in a fun activity. Each grade level was different. The grade levels were put into different classrooms in the A building. Each student then had pizza and soda for lunch.

After all of the students were judged, they got into a bus and headed to their schools. When six o’clock came around, they all came to the gym again for their awards. Most were handed medals for their great projects,although fifteen students won grand prize out of two hundred others. It was exciting to see all the brilliant students and amazing projects.

Congratulations to all the students who won grand prize and thanks to those who participated in the 2015 district science fair.