Should Students Be Permitted to Eat in Class?

In my opinion, all of the teachers should allow you to eat in their classes.


Abigail Williams, Writer

Should students be able to eat in their classes? We all know that one teacher who hates us eating in class and won’t allow it, but you’re starving because you didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning. You have to wait untill second period, but your stomach is making whale noises and you don’t know how to stop it. I’m pretty sure all of us have experienced this. Plus, some of us have medical problems, so we have to eat every hour or so.

According to, Community Health Magazine  “Eating five to seven times per day in a grazing manner with a good blend of protein, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lots of water is the best method to keep the brain and muscles fueled, the metabolism moving, and blood sugar levels constant.” As a high school student we don’t eat for about eight hours a school day. We skip breakfast and we don’t eat until lunch. After lunch we usually have to wait for dinner to come around. Then after dinner it’s off to bed. We usually start to slow down and become slow because our bodies don’t have much food to fuel up with. Teachers should allow us to eat in their class if it doesn’t become a problem.

In my opinion, all of the teachers should allow you to eat in their classes. Although, for those teachers who dislike students eating in their class set strict rules for your class. As long as the student doesn’t disrupt the instruction by the teacher then they should be allowed to eat in class. If the teachers expect you do their best in their class then they should allow you to regain your energy by eating food. I highly suggest that you snack on soybeans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, apples, bananas, cheese and other types of energy food. Theses types of food help restore your brain power that you have already lost. Eating in class will help our grades and our bodies.