Where’s the Best Place for a Vacation?

The most difficult thing about going on a vacation is deciding where to go.


This is Milford Sound, on the South Island in New Zealand.

Abigail Williams, Writer

Where’s the best place to vacation? Every family needs a vacation once in their life, but the most difficult thing about going on a vacation is deciding where to go. Many families fight about where they should go and have great difficulties deciding where to go. There are so many great places to visit and so many choices, that it is so difficult to choose one place.  It really does depend on the budget. It also is determined on the weather and what the season is. If it’s summer in the U.S and you want to go somewhere cold, go to Russia or Norway. If it’s winter in the U.S and you want to take a break from the cold go to Hawaii where the sun is always shining and the water is never cold.


In my opinion, the best places to vacation are Hawaii or New Zealand. Hawaii is such a beautiful area and it’s filled with drop dead gorgeous sites. There is a ton to do there such as surfing, swimming, hiking, and going on crazy adventures. New Zealand is a lovely place to go also. It has so many action packed things to do there such as backpacking, ziplining, bungy jumping, off-road driving, caving and many other adventures that you can do while you are visiting. Also, it is home to Middle Earth, for all you Lord Of The Ring lovers out there. In the winter you can go skiing because of how cold it get’s there.


There are tons of beautiful places to go, and many places to stay. Even in our own state there are many things to do. According to Travel U.S News, Paris is the number one place to stay. The reason for this is because of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. “But what visitors really fall in love with are Paris’ quaint cafes, vibrant markets, trendy shopping districts and unmistakable je ne sais quoi charm.” There are so many things to do in Paris ,so if you do vacation there just make sure you make a to do list before you go back home. Vacation’s are peaceful and its the perfect time to get away from your problems.