Homework- Is the Work Location Important?

You should really try to stay for after school tutoring.


Abigail Williams, Writers

Where’s the best place to do homework at? We all know that it’s that time after school again and you have tons of homework to do. You plop down on your bed and start it ,but your siblings all get home and it get’s so chaotic that you can’t concentrate. You tell your mom that you can’t concentrate, but she bugs you off. What to do next? Usually some of us just give up and go watch Netflix. The only thing is that if we give up on our homework our grades will drop causing a lot stress on you. Personally, I  say go outside and settle into a chair and try to do it there. If that doesn’t work then go try to find a quiet place nearby. If you can stay after school and go to after school tutoring in the library. If your parent’s can’t pick you up and the bus is the only way home try to find a quiet place near your home without any distractions.


In my opinion, I think you should really try to stay for after school tutoring. It gets you away from the distractions in life and plus it’s really quiet. If your parents just say no try to go spend time at Starbucks or The Grind. I know some of us don’t have a car and get home on the bus ,so I suggest try to do your homework at a nearby park or try to go to a quiet area until all of it is done. I suggest bringing your phone with you and listen to some classical music. Don’t listen to music with words in it while studying. The less distractions and noise there is the better for you and your grades.


According to, Test Prep the library is the best the study. “The library is definitely top of the food chain in best places to study.” It has internet and books ,so if you can’t figure out the answers to your homework you can easily find the answers. The library is the number one place to study.


In conclusion, doing homework in a quiet zone is a great way to get it done faster so you can do whatever you want to do afterwards. I get it if it seems quite impossible to get your homework done in a quiet zone, try turning on an old episode of your old time favorite movie, hopefully that will improve your concentration levels. The best way to do homework is where you can concentrate most ,so find that zone and get to it as much as possible.