Movie Review: Project Almanac

Most reviewers do not like this movie.

Movie Review: Project Almanac

Cassidy Womack, Writer

On January 30, 2015, Project Almanac was released to theaters and the 19.6 million it made in the box office is a telling statement on whether this movie is something you should see. Though, just because something didn’t sell quite well doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see it. All I know, is that the movie is about a high school nerd named David Raskin (Jonny Weston) who dreams of going to MIT. One day, David and his friends Quinn (Sam Learner), and Adam (Allen Evangelista), discover his father’s plans for a time machine, and David decides to try them out. When they find success in creating the machine, they eagerly jump to move through time. Yet, they soon learn that there are consequences to jumping through time. For many Sci-Fi lovers, this movie is gold, but not according to, says that only 50% of the people who went to theaters to see this movie actually enjoyed it. It also shows that out of the 57 critics who wrote reviews on the movie, only 37% of them liked the movie. Out of the 57 critics, there were 20 top critics and only 6 of them actually like the movie. Top Critic, J.R. Jones from the Chicago Reader said, “ The premise has been done to death, but screenwriters Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan give it a fresh and pleasant spin by using it as a vehicle for adolescent wish fulfilling.” On the other hand, top critic John Defore from the Hollywood Reporter said, “Along the way Almanac is forced to cheat so much with its ostensibly self-shot material that one has to ask why the format was chosen.”

Though, the movie may seem bad overall based on the bad commentary and low enjoyment percentage, I wouldn’t completely write it off. Many people have different tastes and the statistics of finding the results to these surveys are often hard to determine. There is so much bias in taking statistics that it is possible that these statistics do not accurately describe the quality of the movie. I would recommend that everyone gives it a try.

Project Almanac is rated PG-13 and contains some content that may not be deemed appropriate for minors, make sure to ask a parent before going to see this movie.

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