Trivia Crack: Our Review

A Fun Game for Your Smartphone!

Cassidy Womack, Editor

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In high school, students are always following trends. Fashion trends and game trends are just two out of hundreds. A recent game trend that our school has begun to follow is the game “Trivia Crack”. Most of our student body, myself included, are playing this fascinating game. For those of you who don’t know what Trivia Crack is, I’ll tell you. Trivia Crack is a game of trivia (obviously). So, what’s the appeal? Not, only is it a game of trivia, it is a challenging game in which you and your friends compete against each other to gain the most characters to win. There are six characters that you can win. The first is a popcorn box which represents trivia associated with entertainment. Next is the paintbrush that represents art questions. Then there is the football that represents sports, the test tube representing science, the knight for history, and the world for geography.

The object of this game is to beat your opponent by obtaining all 6 characters before the other person does. Each turn, you get to play until you miss a question. There are two ways to earn a character. The first is by answering 3 questions correctly for a chance to answer a question in that character. Another is to spin the wheel and land on the crown to skip right to the question for the character. I would recommend this game because it is both fun and educational (not too much though). I really like it, but I can’t wait until the next big app comes out that will be twice as fun.