Can Writing a Journal Help You Through a Tough Time?

Doing so seems to have a cathartic effect.

Can Writing a Journal Help You Through a Tough Time?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Should you keep a journal while going through a tough time? All of us go through a tough time in our lifetime. Studies show that most of our problems occur during our high school years. The problems might be like drinking, drugs, smoking, divorce, drama, divorced, affair, etc.  While your high school years a lot of anger builds up inside of you. Sometimes, the anger comes out causing more problems then you already have. If you write in your journal it helps release your anger.

In my opinion, if you feel depressed or angered by something you should probably write it down. I know when I was going through a lot of things I wrote it all down in my journal and it helped me stay stable and happy. I really suggest that if you are having a difficult time in your high school years that you keep a journal. It may be hard to keep track, but when you do find some free time you should really find an old unwritten journal and start writing.

I questioned five teenagers and 2 pairs of parents of high school students. The teenagers liked the idea, but they usually rather spend time with their friends and do homework, so they don’t find the time to write in a journal. I agreed with them because when you’re with your friends and having a great time its easy to forget your problems. The parents said that it would be great if their teenagers kept a journal and wrote in it often.

It is good for high schoolers facing problems to keep a journal with them ,but when do we have the time. We are usually busy around the clock, I know I’m busy a lot. Some of us are lucky if we even get eight hours of sleep. It is good though to keep a journal nearby incase you do find that you are faced with boredom. Writing the problems down can help you a lot in situations. It would be a lot better for you. Just try it out and if it doesn’t really work out for you try telling a friend or parent about it. I’m sure they will guide you to a better place.