School Lunches: More Time Needed?

Most people feel too rushed and would like more time to visit with their friends.

School Lunches: More Time Needed?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Should lunch be longer? The lunch lines are so long and it usually takes ten to twenty minutes to get through the line just to get your lunch. After you get your lunch usually your friends and you have to go find a seat and that takes about two to five minutes to do. Leaving you ten minutes to fellowship with your friends and eat. Then you have to be considerate about time getting to class. You usually have to get up at  and head to class around 11:43.  Most people don’t even finish their lunch and have to throw it away. Not all teachers allow food in their class, so if students don’t finish their lunch they have to throw it away.

In my opinion, I think we should have a fifty minute lunch. The lunch time we have is about thirty minutes. I had to get lunch one time and I didn’t get my food until 11:43. By then I had to head to my P.E class and was forced to wait until six period to eat it. My food was cold already and I didn’t want to eat it ,so I threw it away wasting my  $2.50 that I could have used to buy cookies.

I asked a couple of freshman how they felt about this and they agreed with me. They said that sometimes they just waste their money on lunch because they never get enough time to eat it. I  also asked a couple of the teachers. They felt concerned about the time. The district would have to expand our school time. We would have to get out around 2:14 if we expanded our lunch time.

So it comes to this, if we wanted to have our lunch time expanded then we wouldn’t get out until 2:14. If it weren’t such a problem with the transportation then they would probably expand our lunch. A lot of students really wish that they would expand our lunch so they have time to actually enjoy their food and not feel rushed all the time.