Author Biography: Christopher Paolini

Mr. Paolini is the author of "Eragon" and several other best-sellers.

Author Biography: Christopher Paolini

Jacquelyn Northcutt, Writer

In Los Angeles, 1983, a young boy was born. He would grow up to be the author of one of the most popular book series of our time, and a New York Times Bestseller by the age of 19. His name is Christopher Paolini.

Paolini was born in L.A., but was raised in Montana. He was homeschooled for his whole life, and ended up graduating high school in 2002 at the age of 15 (that’s the average age for a sophomore)! This was about the same time when he started to write the first book of the Inheritance series, Eragon. It was published by his parents’ publishing company, Paolini International LLC, in June of 2002. To promote his book, his family traveled across the country and stopped at bookstores, libraries, schools, and pretty much anywhere else where people would listen. Paolini dressed up in medieval clothing, and told everyone about his book. By 2003, Eragon had made it to the top of multiple bestseller lists.

Naturally, Paolini soon caught the attention of multiple big-name publishing companies. One of which, Random House, soon offered to publish Eragon, as well as the rest of the Inheritance series. In 2005, Paolini released Eragon’s sequel Eldest. Like every good book, Eragon was in need of a movie. As a result, the movie adaptation of Eragon was released in 2006. During that same year, Paolini became a New York Times Bestseller, and his numbers only grew when he released the third book, Brisingr, in 2008, and the fourth and final book, Inheritance, in 2011.

When the Inheritance cycle ended, every fan was heart-broken. Luckily, Paolini assured us that he would be writing more books about the world in which his famous series took place. Currently, he’s working on a new Sci-Fi project, so be sure to look out for any updates regarding the new book!

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