Should Adolescents Have a Sleeping Schedule?

Most teens are hurt by a lack of sleeping consistency.

Should Adolescents Have a Sleeping Schedule?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Should teens have a sleeping schedule? All of us have had difficulty in one or more classes. We try and try so hard to try to learn but the class is so boring you just can’t focus right because you spent too much time last night trying to figure out the latest drama. Studies show if we fall asleep around 8 and wake up around 4:30 or later we would most likely learn more. If you do set up a strict sleeping it would help you learn.

In my opinion, if you do set up a strict schedule it would help you learn more. For a couple of weeks before finals I set up a strict schedule. It helped me learn more and it also help me ace my finals. It helped me realize that if I was on a strict sleeping schedule it would help me learn better and increase my grades. Although, it’s very hard to keep a strict sleep schedule. I try so hard to fall asleep around nine because I know if I don’t I will be so cranky in the morning. If I do have tons of homework that I still have to do at nine I stay up until its all done. If I have still a lot of homework to do at the time of ten, I will drop it and finish it on the bus or do it with any spare time I have in classes. My sleeping schedule has helped me a lot over the past months.

I asked 10 teens and 4 college students what they thought of this. Six out of ten said that they just fell asleep when ever they got tired. Four out of ten told me that they do have a strict sleeping schedule and because of the schedule it has increased their grades. All of the college students said that they didn’t really have a sleeping schedule ,but their grades were average.

If you do have trouble trying to sleep try listening to classical music and take Nyquil at eight if you decide to fall asleep at nine. Don’t watch television or be on your phone right before you fall asleep because you will have difficulty sleeping. I think if teens had a more strict sleeping schedule, their grades would increase.