Teenagers Need More Sleep!

Research says that we should be starting school at least one hour later than we do.

Josie Baker, Writer

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, three out of four United States high school students are sleep deprived. The lack of sleep can lead to many harmful effects from heart problems to obesity. Sleep deprivation in students is getting to the point where The American Academy of Pediatricians released a statement urging school districts to start high schools at a later time. However, only a few schools have taken this into consideration and changed the start time to 8:30 a.m. instead of earlier.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to many life threatening problems. The main one is lack of focus. Driving tired is said to be just as bad as driving intoxicated. This also interferes with schooling. Students are too tired to focus in morning classes. Depression can be associated with sleep deprivation. If a person is tried all the time they are not going to be happy. The more a person goes without sleep the higher chance they can get some serious heart problems. Going days on end with little to no sleep can lead to hallucination and either gain or loss of weight. With all these problems that can happen, why are we not doing anything?

Even though there are many students who approve of a time change there is still a few problems to deal with. After-school activities like work or sports would have to be pushed later and this will disrupt a lot of students and parents’ schedule. If the time is changed not only will the high schools be affected but the problems will start to show in both the elementary and middle schools. The reason why is because districts have their buses run around each other. However, the schools who have taken the action to change the time combined the elementary  and middle schools bus routes. As a result the schools saved money from gas prices.

Changing of the start time in high schools would be beneficial. The problems presented by the other side of the argument can be solved easily. It just take students and parents to recognise the problem and do something about it.