When Should You Be Able to Watch an R-rated Movie?

Parents and guardians need to make responsible decisions.

When Should You Be Able to Watch an R-rated Movie?

Madison Nash, Writer

R-rated movies have violence, foul language, adult situations, and sexual content. Should young people under 13 be exposed to these movies? Some children mimic the things they see and hear on TV and since they focus more on pictures rather than plot lines, violent movies can have negative effects.

You may say, “It depends on the maturity of the child, or the parents’ decision.”  However, children can pick up bad habits, such as; drinking underage, smoking, violent reactions to problems, and foul language.

Not all young people pick up these habits, for most kids can decipher wrong from right, and know not to repeat the things they see. Some R-rated movies movies even have good morals, morals like; stealing is wrong, bad actions have bad consequences, and the bad guy never wins.

All parents have different views on the subject. One parent I interviewed said “Kids can pick up all sorts of nonsense from media and R-rated movies; however, it’s up to the kids to determine what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s up the the parent, to determine whether the child is mature enough to watch these movies.” Another responded with “A bad parent is a parent who lacks censorship. Someone who doesn’t censor what their kids watch, and lets them watch R-rated gore movies at the age of 10. R-rated movies influence young children in a bad way, they tell kids ’Hey, it’s ok to kill people out of hate, it’s okay to call people foul names, it’s okay to smoke and do drugs!’. For these reasons, R-rated movies should not be available to impressionable young minds.

Not all children can handle bad media, and not all young people are able to watch R-rated movies. Mature or not, the parents are the ones who determine what you can or cannot watch. Some parents should ask themselves, before letting their 13-year-old watch Ted, or City of the Damned, “Is my child really mature enough to watch this?”