Dress Code: Good or Bad?

Will this help us if there is no Muppets movie this year?


Madison Nash, Writer

Should high schoolers be allowed to have no dress code?  Dress code is one of the things keeping girls and boys from wearing saggy pants and booty shorts to school, however, it also draws a line between appropriate and inappropriate clothing.

Here at Granite Hills we have a decent dress code, with the basic; sexual content, or anything that promotes drug use is prohibited, Clothing must cover belly button, etc; Nothing too outrageous. However, every student has some type of issue with the dress code, with the exception of ‘it puts limits on self expression.’

“Dress code has too many rules.” You may say, but, there are plenty of places, worldwide, with rules for everything. A place in Southeast Asia has rules against even the small things, and this place is called Singapore.  In Singapore, you’re not even allowed to chew gum, walk around your house naked, or even hug friends without permission. If you break any rule, no matter how small, you could be charged with harsh consequences.

Is dress code really that bad? Most of the time, dress code isn’t enforced too often…and when it is, you’re usually only asked to change into different attire. Everyone wants to come to school in flip flops and PJ’s, but, what happens if you’re in chemistry and you spill hydrochloric acid on yourself? You get to go home in your birthday suit? No, the school has emergency clothing for such situations.

Sometimes having rules is good thing, it prevents people from hurting themselves, others and keeping us from ending up in our birthday suit, or in the lovely institutional fashion line from the emergency clothing bin.