Japanese-style Animated Films

Anime can be appropriate for children, or too mature.

Japanese-style Animated Films

Madison Nash, Writer

How old do you think children have to be to watch anime? Anime is Japanese drawn characters brought to life by animation. Anime is fairly popular here in the U.S, and in its home country, Japan.

Children can be negatively affected by media, especially at young ages. However,  TV networks such as Cartoon Network show anime made for kids. “Pokemon”, “Digimon”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”, and “Avatar: The last Airbender” are popular anime for young children. These shows have no-to mild violence, no foul language, and are child-friendly. Animes such as “Deadman Wonderland”, “Bleach”, “One Piece”, and “Darker than Black” are usually shown on Cartoon Network, but at night. These animes contain graphic violence, sexual content, and foul language, and are definitely made for ages 14+.

Parents should be the ones to determine which shows are appropriate for their children. Not all anime is child friendly, and can influence children in a bad way. Even animes like “Pokemon”, which show children and their pets fighting other children and their pets, can have some influence on young children.

I suggest letting your children watch anime at the age of 7. Start with a anime that isn’t violent, and has positive morals. 13 year olds should watch anime with mild violence and language, but wait till they’re older to watch graphical anime. In anime, anything can happen, because fictional creatures can fall from the sky, and a ghost can talk to humans;  however, bad things like death and violence can happen. It’s up to you as a parent or mature person to decide what anime is appropriate for you.