Stress: How Teens Can Deal with It

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Stress: How Teens Can Deal with It

Madison Nash, Writer

Stress. Teens deal with it on a daily basis, whether at school or at home, teenagers will stress. We all have that feeling when you have so much work to do, and your deadline to do it is the next day, you get butterflies in your gut, your head starts to ache, and you say to yourself “I’ll fail if I don’t finish!” that is the work of stress. Stress is normal,  but are teenagers are keeping their stress in check?

Not all teens react the same to stress, some get anxious, some get sad and depressed, while others react angry, lashing out at their friends and loved ones.  “ What makes you stress?” I asked one student, “ I only stress when my family argues at home, and when I have a test and I didn’t study.” she responded. I also asked her how much does she stress and what happens when she stresses. “I stress a lot, actually. When I stress my stomach starts to hurt.”

Teens also cope with stress in different ways. However, not all ways are healthy ways to cope with stress. Alot of teens turn to drugs and alchohol when under stress, or make poor decisions. Stress has been proven to negatively affect teens. Stress can cause depression, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Eating better, talking, and sleep can help with stress, especially when you’re feeling high levels of it. Keeping stress in check can make a huge difference in your life, finding ways to manage stress in a healthy way can affect you positively. So, I ask you, is your stress in check?