What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

For me, it is all about candy!

Lots of candy, or, as dentists call it, business!

Lots of candy, or, as dentists call it, business!

Kendyll Clark, Writer

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Since Christmas is coming up quickly, I thought it would be a good time to see what your favorite holiday(s) is/are! So what is your favorite holiday?!

My favorite holidays would have to be Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and Halloween. Christmas is my number one favorite holiday because I love wrapping presents. I like wrapping and giving them more than I like receiving them just because I love see the look on people’s face when they see what I got them.

Easter is my second favorite holiday because I love see all of the flower and butterflies and I love all the pretty pastel colors. I also like it because I think it’s really cute watching my little nephews and cousin going easter egg hunting!

Valentines Day is my third favorite because I love that fact the everyone is happy on that day and you get to hang out with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or someone that you just love in general!

My fourth and last favorite holiday is Halloween because it’s fun to dress up like someone admire, someone that you like, or even someone/something that aren’t real or don’t exist!

If you guys haven’t noticed yet, all of the holidays that are my favorites involve candy in some way. Christmas it’s candy canes, Easter it’s hunting for candy, Valentine’s Day it’s heart shaped candies, and Halloween its asking strangers for candy. If you couldn’t tell, I love candy and I love every holiday that involves it.

I wanted to get some opinions from more of the student body, so my friend and I walked around at lunch asking students about their favorite holidays were. We asked about 50 students and about 25 of them said Christmas. When I asked them why most of them said, “ Because I like presents.” and a couple other students said, “ Because I like spending time with my family.”  5 students said Thanksgiving. When I asked them why they said, “ Because I like eating food and spending time with my family.”  7 students I asked said Valentines Day, and when I asked them why they said, “ Because I get to spend the day with my boyfriend/girlfriend.” In a way I kind of knew I was going to get an answer like that. The remaining 13 said The 4th of July. When I asked them why they all said, “ Because I love watching and playing with fireworks.”

Don’t play with fire kids! Tell us in the comments what your favorite holiday is and some fun holiday stories I would love to read them!