Should You Listen to Music in Class?

Can listening to Taylor Swift improve your grades, or will it turn you into a wombat?

Should You Listen to Music in Class?

Abigail Williams, Writer for the Staff of the Granite Planet and Its Other Media Companies

Should students listen to music while working in class? We all love to listen to music while working in class, but sometimes the teachers don’t allow us to because it will increase the level of our texting and doing other things, but our work. I’m pretty sure that most of us do text once or twice while in class every week or so. Music should be allowed in class because it doesn’t increase the noise in class. Most of the people that are listening to their music aren’t talking to the people behind him/her. Studies show that if you are listening to music it will help increase your thoughts and you will work more. It also helps increase your motivation if you are listening to powerful music.


In my opinion, music should be allowed in most classes unless the teacher is teaching or telling you something. It would be very rude if you were listening to your music while the teacher was telling the class something. In fact, you could miss out on something important about your next worksheet. Music shouldn’t be listened to unless you are working on something that didn’t involve fellowshipping with other students.


I went around and asked ten teachers if they allowed music in the class. Six out of the ten I asked said that they did allow music. One of those teachers also told me that they believe that if she doesn’t allow music while her students are working on something the noise seemed to be  increased and students lose their focus more often. Four out of the ten teachers I asked said that they didn’t let their students listen to music. I asked them why they didn’t and they seemed to all have the same point and that was that it causes too much distraction for their students such as texting and taking pictures.


Music does help you also study more. So, if you ever have trouble focusing on your homework then put some head phones in and listen to your music. I bet it will take all those distractions away from you ,so you can easily focus on your homework. Although, do be careful and listen to calming music such as orchestra, rhythm, repetition, jazz, tribal beats, and many others. Try to stay away from rap, dark music, sad music, angry music, and other, for this will tug at your imagination causing you to think of other things then your homework.