Movie Review: “The Theory of Everything”

The movie covers a part of Steven Hawkings' life.

Movie Review:

Cassidy Womack, Senior Editor

On November 7, 2014, The Theory of Everything was released to theaters. The movie is on Stephen Hawkings and his now ex-wife, Jane Wilde. It is based off the book The Theory of Everything that was published in 2002 by Stephen Hawkings. The movie is about Stephen Hawkings, a college student at Cambridge University, and Jane Wilde, also a college student. At 21, Stephen Hawkings, played by Eddie Redmayne, is diagnosed with motor neuron disease and is given little time left to live. Motor Neuron Disease is a neurological disorder that destroys motor neurons that help control voluntary muscle activity such as breathing, speaking, and other functions. Anyways, he meets Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones) , another college student, and not only do they go against the odds and advance in both medicine and science, but they also fall in love.

I have not actually watched the movie yet, but according to, 82% of the critics who watched the movie enjoyed it, and 84% of the audience loved it. Journal and Courier writer, John Bloom commented, “ A pair of splendid performances drive the movie, but like the cosmos that Professor Stephen Hawking studied in order to unravel the secret of the universe, it is cold and distant.” A lot of the positive reviews consist of positive commentary about the actors and praise for how the director, James Marsh, made an insightful movie that was both romantic and informative. However, there were still some negative reviews. One for example was written by Tim Burton in which he says, “ The film oscillates between superficial treatments of science and corny moments of ‘you can do it!’ kitten hanging from a branch bromides.” Many of the negative commentaries suggest that if you are going to watch the movie for the science portion, basically don’t bother.

Overall, the movie is supposed to be really good and I personally can’t wait to see it. I hope that everyone goes to see it and enjoy it. I bet it will be worth it to watch.