Should You Marry Someone from a Different Religion?

Some say no, and others believe love conquers all!

Should You Marry Someone from a Different Religion?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Would you marry your boyfriend/girlfriend with the same religion as you? Most of us have been raised with some type of religion and some of us plan to stick with that religion our whole entire lives Love changes the heart and mind. If your boyfriend was Jewish and you were a Christian would you change your religion  just for him? Or if your girlfriend was a Mormon and you were not, would you change just for her? What if you decide to marry him or her,but the downside is that to become one in marriage  convert religion. Love is something that everyone wants in their life,but is changing your religion really worth it?

In my opinion, you should marry someone with the same type of view of religion as you. You don’t want to marry a polytheist if you are a Mormon because not only will your family not accept the idea ,but it will confuse you, making your love interest go down. If you really were in love with the guy/girl and you two were going to get married, then I would make the change. Although, this wouldn’t happen if you just found a guy with the same religion as you.

During lunch I asked 13 people this question. Eight out of the thirteen I asked said that they would most likely marry the guy/girl with the same religion as they do. “It helps build their love for each other and they build a stronger bond with their religion,” said one of the students I asked. The other five out of thirteen said that they would marry them even if they did have a different religion. I asked them why and all of them had the same point and that was that if you’re in love, nothing can bring you down.

According to studies, 42% of marriages have couples with two different types of religion. Although, they are less likely to stay together for 50 years. Marrying the man/woman with the same faith as you,  will increase your happiness and help you last longer.