Game Review: “League of Angels”

“Angels” requires only a sign up- but that may bring more ads to your computer!

Game Review:

Madison Nash, Writer

League of Angels was published January 10, 2014. League of Angels is a browser based, fantasy MMO, multiplayer role-playing game, that requires only sign up. The game was created by Reality Squared Games (R2Games) and developed by UZUU.

The storyline starts when the main protagonist enters the world. Then, he/she must help an Angel named Nocturna, who, like all angels, is trapped in eternal sleep. After breaking her seal, you pick a class and continue doing quests and following the storyline. The main classes are, Warrior, Mage, and Archer. Each class has an advantage that you can use to help you on your quests, and a disadvantage that can prevent you from completing quests. Your main quest in the game is defeat evil and save all angels from their seals, while collecting allies and items that will help you on your quest to save the world.

Throughout the game, you can join guilds, train partners, gain new and rare armors, meet countless people, enter tournaments, level up, and even get married.  As you play, and level up, you will unlock new icons and mini games that you can get rewards from.

Despite the games appearance, this game is not recommended for kids under 14 years old, due to character appearances, mild violence, certain themes and open chat. If you’re under 14, I suggest not playing without a parents permission.

League of Angels is a great MMO game, despite minor problems, such as loading issues, and graphic quality. The game continues to pull you in as you play, and makes you feel like you’re part of the game. League of Angels, is the game to play this holiday.