Actor or Musician?

Many Hope for a Career in Just One of Those. Some People Are Talented Enough to Work in Both Careers

Actor or Musician?

Abigail Williams, Staff Writer

Would you rather become an actor/actress or a musician? In reality, we all want to be known around the world, but which would you rather do? A singer and an actor/actress are evenly given fame, but both career choices have their downsides as well.  To begin, a musician has many concerts to attend, and on top of that they have to write and sing songs  making them very busy. Also, both musicians and actress/actors are faced with temptations such as smoking, drinking, drugs and inappropriate things . As well,  they may have to face a role that they may not want, but are forced to play the part.  However, both careers have their upsides too. Both careers get fame and money, lots of it.

In my opinion, I would want to become an actress. An actress doesn’t have to go through long, exhausting tours and sing to thousands of people. For example, what if you up on stage and hit the wrong note? You can’t take back that mistake, and then you will be humiliated in front of millions of people. In contrast, if you’re an actor or actress and you up, you can go back and take another shot at the scene. The only people who would make fun of you are the other actors or actresses.

On the other hand, others disagree with me and would rather be musicians. To my surprise, people told me that as a musician, you can also become an actress or actor if you’re really good at acting. Therefore, the two talents can be used together.  What’s more, people used examples such as Ariana Grande, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Russell Grove, Mark Wahlberg,  and Ice Cube, in order to illustrate their point.  So, I agreed with them because if I was an actress and I wanted to become a musician too, I could.

Finally,  musician and  actress/actor are all dream jobs that most of us want, but we know that won’t happen realistically. Although it would be really nice to become something like a musician or actor,  it’s less than a 15% chance that we would become an  actor or actress or a musician. However, If you really do want to become an actress or actor,  or a musician, then I highly recommend that you take drama or choir. Mr. Churchill teaches these classes and these classes will definitely increase your acting or singing abilities. Maybe your dream will come true if you really shoot for it.