Captain America or Ironman?

Which Superhero is better? Do either of them like quesadillas?

Captain America or Ironman?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Captain America or Iron Man? Captain America is a civilized man who fights for what he thinks is right. In comparison, Iron Man is a man named Tony Stark who fights people that threaten him or those that he loves. Both are honorable characters, so the only question is, which one is better?

Let’s look at Captain America,  a super soldier. Before he became the first superhero he was known as Steve Grant Rogers. To explain, Steve was little and was not able to fight for War World 2 as he had wished. However, Steve never gave up. Also, Steve was never seen as anything important by people. Yet, his best friend “Bucky” and a scientist named Dr. Abraham Erskine saw something special in him. Dr. Abraham saw something people didn’t see in Steve and that was the passion to fight for what was right. Therefore, he admitted Steve into an army camp where he would train for a while until he was ready to be changed into the super soldier. After a couple of weeks of training, he was changed into a super soldier by Dr. Abraham’s serum that he developed. Steve was the first ever known superhero that would change the world.

Now, let’s look at Iron Man! Iron Man is really a suit of armor who is controlled by Tony Stark from the inside. Tony is a billionaire who was captured by terrorists in Afghanistan. Also, Tony was majorly hurt and had to get out of a really bad situation. He and another captive created a suit of armor that would help him get out of that bad situation and into safety. Yes, he escapes, but not as safely as he would have hoped.  In a good twist of fate, he is soon rescued and medically treated. Next, he then avenges himself by working to kill the terrorists who tried to kill him. Finally, he recreates the suit with more advanced technology. At last, he soon becomes known as Iron Man.

So, who is it, Iron Man or Captain America that is the best? Alright, I have asked twenty people who they would rather choose. The results are back, and these are the following percentages.  65% of them say Captain America is better than Iron Man. As well, Iron Man got the rest of the 35%. Captain America is the winner!!

In conclusion, Captain America and Iron Man are two different types of people, but have the same type of destiny and that is to help others. They both have different ways of helping others and saving the world, but as long as the job gets done then it doesn’t matter how. Tony and Steve would most likely be the best of friends if they put their differences behind them. They do make a great team together and should fight together more often. Captain America and Iron Man both fight for good, but Captain America fights with a pure heart.