Mothers- We Need to Appreciate Them

Are You Aware of All Your Mother Has Done for You? Do You Appreciate Her?

Mothers- We Need to Appreciate Them

Abigail Williams, Writer

How much do you appreciate your mom and how do you show it? Our moms gave birth to us and had to deal with the pregnancy for nine straight months without any breaks. As teenagers, some of us are reluctant to participate in family nights or hang out with them because they aren’t our friends. Moreover, eventually you will most likely get an unwanted lecture while being around your mom. In fact, we had to deal with them for 14 to 18 years, so now that we are in high school we feel that we don’t need babysitting, because we want to be independent. However, the thing that we don’t really see is what our mothers do for us even after we treat them poorly. We are so used to watching our mothers making dinner or getting the laundry done that we don’t even say, “Thank you”. Our moms do so much for us! Don’t you think it’s time to tell them, “thank you” for everything they do for us? We can most likely go a week or two without our moms, but eventually you are going to need them. What’s true is that our mothers are always going to be there for us even when we don’t think that they are.


To explain, I know that some of us reading this might have mother problems and it’s okay to have problems with your moms. Maybe some of your moms aren’t even part of your lives and they don’t even know us,but they love us and miss us just the same. Mothers may act mean sometimes, for our own good, but don’t ever think that they don’t love you. If they didn’t love us, then why are we here? In truth, they could have chosen to have an abortion, but they didn’t, because they loved us, and wanted to call us their son or daughter.


In conclusion, our mothers do things that we are so used to that they don’t get thanked enough, making them feel worthless. Our moms do a lot and we need to realize that we don’t have much more time with them until we are out of the house. Mothers are one of the most important things that we need in our lives. Moms- we all need to appreciate them more than we do.