Who Is Granite’s Favorite Superhero?

Hint: It Is Not Super Bicycle Repairman!

Kendyll Clark

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What’s your favorite superhero? Is it Batman, Superman, Spider Man, Wonder Women?

This is a fun little topic we decided we wanted to talk about. We wanted to know what the most popular superhero is here at Granite Hills High School. In my opinion, Batman is the world’s greatest superhero! I don’t have a specific reason why he’s my favorite, but one day I discovered who he was, and I’ve liked him ever since. I also think Superman is pretty cool too. I basically like every single superhero there is because superheroes are awesome! They save our world in comic books and movies.

At lunch, I walked around and asked quite a few students who their favorite superhero is. I asked a total of 45 students. 20 students said Superman, 10 students said Batman, 5 students said Spiderman and 10 students said Wonder Women. We then decided to ask the students why that’s their favorite superhero. Most of the students that said Superman was their favorite were girls, and they said he is their favorite because he’s hot. The rest were boys, and they said he was their favorite because he’s cool and good at fighting crime. 9 out of the 10 students that said Batman were girls, and they said he was their favorite because he’s cute and cool. The 1 male student that said that Batman was his favorite because it’s funny to watch him kick butt. The 5 students that said Spider Man were all boys. When we asked them why he was their favorite, they all said it’s because he’s a mix between a spider and a human.

The 10 students that said Wonder Women was their favorite were all boys as well, and quite honestly, I was kind of expecting that. When I asked why, they all said because she’s hot, and again I kind of saw that one coming.

But in a nutshell, Superman is the most popular superhero on campus.