The CAHSEE Exam: Not Your Average Standardized Test

You must pass the CAHSEE to graduate, so take it seriously!

The CAHSEE Exam: Not Your Average Standardized Test

Madison Nash, Staff Writer

Failing your CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) in your sophomore or junior year might not seem like a big deal, but most students don’t know what a big deal it actually is. Every time you fail the CAHSEE, you have to take it again. A student only has 5 chances to take and pass it before their senior year, and you cannot graduate from high school or receive a diploma unless you pass.

The CAHSEE has 2 parts, English-language arts and math. Each part has a passing score. For math it is 55% and for english it is 60%, or a scale score of 350. The English section requires you to answer 80 multiple choice questions and 2 persuasive essays, but the math portion requires to complete 90 multiple choice questions. In 2012-2013 only 85% passed the English part and 83% passed the math.

It is normal to to be stressed or worried about taking and passing the CAHSEE. Some students I asked said “It’s super easy, and anyone can do it.”  However, if you’re really afraid you’re not going to pass, I suggest making a study plan and taking a practice test, or asking a teacher about taking the CAHSEE. Practice tests are available online.

It’s an achievable goal if you make an effort to pass. So, if you wish to pass, stay strong and work hard. The test is untimed, so feel free to take your time and not rush, and to all those Cougars who took the test on November 4th and 5th, good luck!