Would You Be a Character in a Movie?

Often viewers are more interested in secondary characters

Would You Be a Character in a Movie?

Cassidy Womack, Staff Writer

Have any of you ever dreamed of being a character in a movie? A character that you look up to or one that does something that you wish you could do? Well, suppose that one day you had a chance to jump into a t.v. screen and be the character you wanted to be? What movie would you choose, and what character would you be? In a survey, I asked part of the student body what they would choose and the two movies that had the most characters picked from it were, the Avengers and Wreck-It-Ralph. In the avengers, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man were the characters that were chosen. I personally would have wanted to be Thor, but it’s your opinions that matter. When asked why, they said Iron Man “because he can do math”, Black Widow “because she is hot and kicks butt”, the Hulk “because he can turn green”, and Captain America “because he is awesome”. In Wreck-It-Ralph, Ralph, Vanelope, and a sugar rush racer, were chosen. No one really gave a reason why, but I would like to know why a sugar rush racer because in the movie they are really mean.

In addition to those, there were responses such as, Jack from “Titanic”, Viola from “She’s the Man”, Jasmine from “Aladdin”, Allie from “The Notebook”, Rapunzel from “Tangled”, Jerry from “Tom and Jerry”, Minion from “Despicable Me”, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Aang from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Bella from “Twilight”, Adrian from “The Rocky Series”, Annabelle from “Annabelle”, Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter”, Dory from “Finding Nemo”, Harry Potter from “Harry Potter”, Claire from “Mortal Instruments”, Victoria from “Mama”, Katniss from “Hunger Games”, and Hermione from “Harry Potter”. These were only some of the numerous responses that I received.

If you feel like you should be represented on the surveys, try taking our online surveys that you can find in the opinion section of the newspaper. One student will be randomly chosen to quote in our story about the survey and you may win a prize! Thank you to everyone who has participated in our survey and we appreciate your support.