Yes to Instagram?

You can take and post photos of cool things like quesadillas. But is that a good thing?

Yes to Instagram?

Abigail Williams, Writer

Instagram. Instagram is one of the many apps that you will find on any phone. Over 65% of people who have a smartphone or an Iphone have an Instagram, 46% of them are teenagers and young adults who are in school. We all know at one point we used our phones to check or post on instagram. Almost everyone has done it before, during class time. The only problem with that, is it takes your attention away from the teacher who might be telling the class something really important that has to deal with half of your grade. Not only, does it take your attention away from the teacher but you might get your phone taken away. Checking Instagram during school time has become a natural habit to some of us and it needs to stop. You can check your Instagram between classes, at lunch, or when you get home. You can wait to use Instagram.

We took a survey during lunch and asked 50 students if they used Instagram or checked Instagram during school hours. 74% of the students I asked said that they do check their Instagram during school hours. The rest of the 26% said that they didn’t check their Instagram during school. Two of the people that didn’t check their Instagram said that checking your Instagram during school shouldn’t be allowed because it takes away from your learning.

Checking Instagram has progressed throughout the two months of this school year.  Will this continue in class time? Most of the people I follow that are from school post most of their pictures either during class or during lunch time. Has Instagram already lowered your grades? Has Instagram affected the way you listen to your teachers? Stop checking your Instagram and maybe your grades will increase.