SoCal Activities

We do not recommend hosting a quesadilla-eating contest.

Knott's, home of no quesadillas.

Knott’s, home of no quesadillas.

Madison Nash and Abigail Williams


There is so much to do here in Southern California instead of sitting around, texting, and posting pictures on Instagram. Even in our hometown there are many things to do, such as shopping in the Mall of Victor Valley or going to see a movie at the Cinemark theater with your friends. You can even go into the desert and go motorcycle riding or quad riding. We understand that this can become boring after doing this over and over again, so here are some of the countless things you can do in SoCal.

For a birthday or a Christmas present you can get a pass to many of the amusement parks we have, such as Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, or Sea World. If you want to get some sun or get wet on a hot summer day,  you can visit Raging Waters, Long Beach, surfing on Malibu Beach, canoeing up in Big Bear lake, or go whale watching in Newport. Whereas if you simply want a good day outdoors, you can go camping in Bishop, or fishing in Silverwood. For great entertainment you can go to Hollywood for a day (or night) out, or Dodger Stadium for a game. However, if you want an educational day, you can take a trip to the Pasadena Museum of Art, the Aquarium of the Pacific, or the LA Zoo. If you’re interested in seeing some insanely wacky and cool places, try visiting Crazy Burger, or Salvation mountain.

There are countless places to see, and enjoy in SoCal. With all the places to see and things to do you will never be bored. That is probably why there are so many tourists. SoCal is well known all over the world for a breathtaking attractions, great entertainment, quality and divine food. We are blessed to live in a place like SoCal, who needs traveling the globe when we have all the fun right here in beautiful Southern California!