BendGate- the iPhone Story

Is it true that you can bend an iPhone like a quesadilla?

Jenna Martin, writer

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The Iphone 6. Yes, we all know about this one. One of the most talked about topics over the course of the past few weeks.The Iphone 6 is made out of anodized (a process meaning that the thickness is increased on the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal) aluminum stainless steel, and glass. The makers of the Iphone 6 wanted to use aluminum to make the phone lighter in weight. And in fact, it is lighter. The Iphone 6 is $199, $299, or $399. Now those prices aren’t based off a two year contract and the prices could change depending on that contract. Now, is it true? What we’ve heard? Does a phone that costs this much really….bend? We’ve all heard the rumors, but is it true? Despite the uproar online, Apple has only received 9 complaints about their Iphones bending.

Lets get one thing straight. The Apple Iphone 6 plus will bend if you apply pressure in a certain spot on the phone itself. All phones have the ability to bend if pressure is placed upon them. Everything has a weak point. There have been a few people who have tried it out.

The link listed previously will send you to an article that talks about a few kids bending a phone just to prove a point. In a few videos I have seen, they had a brand new, workable, Iphone 6. One that hasn’t been messed with previously in order for this experiment to take place. And I am sad to say, that in all of the videos, they put pressure on it, and in fact it bent. However, are these videos in fact, legitimate? Or just a hoax? I feel like the amount of Iphone 6 Plus’s that were bought to try to ‘bend’ are far more than the ones bought to be used. I feel as if all these ‘bending Iphone’ stories and videos are only getting more attention because the people doing the bending just want attention. Think about it, if you really spent that much money on a phone, are you actually willing to just try and test the theory on whether or not it can bend?

The fact that it was only 9 people originally who had a bent phone suggests maybe it was just a fault in  manufacturing. I mean with every product there is always a few that don’t work among the thousands that do. Does that mean with every product we have to test it or not to see if its like the ones who didn’t work? Apple says that by using the Iphone 6 normally, it would be extremely rare for it to bend. If that is true why do some still bend? What do you think about this idea of ‘phone bending?’ Do you like or dislike the “bendable” phone? Have you bought the Iphone 6 Plus? If so, has yours bent? Or is it truly just something that people feel like doing? What are your thoughts on this topic?