What Is Your Favorite Social Media App?

Dynasty Lonian

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Recently the Granite Hills Opinion Staff  passed out a student survey asking students a variety of questions to see their interests. One of the questions we asked is what your favorite social media app is. We received a bunch of good answers and interesting responses. We surveyed 100 random students and the conclusions came down to this.

Out of 100, 33% choose youtube, making youtube the #1 most liked social media app. In 2nd place was instragram and in 3rd place came snapchat . I was really surprised that “snapchat” had made it, because people use it but not as much as other apps.  I thought for sure that facebook or twitter would’ve made it, but I guess not.

Even though there are a bunch of different social media apps, everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it. But in my opinion, I think the best social media app is youtube. Why, I think youtube is the best is, because you can see a whole lot of videos of your choice. You get multiple different choices, of what watch.  

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