New Teacher Profile: Mr. Scott Robinett

by Angelina Fowler, Writer

 Granite Hills has employed a few new teachers this year, and I had the chance to interview Mr. Robinett, who teaches 9th grade Introduction to Literature and 10th grade World Literature. He seems like a great teacher who wants his students to succeed and further their education. He himself has received a Bachelors of Management and Masters of Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University and Associates of Science at ITT Technical Institute. For his credentials and masters he is currently going to Brandman University.

Mr. Robinett hasn’t taught before, so I asked if he always wanted to be a teacher or if it was a recent aspiration. He said, “I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, but I just didn’t pursue it and then I worked my way up in my job and then it really hit me that I should be a teacher, and so I started pursuing it.”

Since he hasn’t taught at any schools before Granite, I wondered why he chose to teach high school level students as opposed to the elementary or middle school level. He responded by saying, “Many different reasons, a, I figured it would be easier for me personally to teach kids that were a little older because with the younger kids you have to teach them the basics and be more nurturing. And then secondly, when I was a supervisor at my other job, I interviewed and worked with many younger kids and I was noticing they were not prepared for jobs. So I figured if I could get them ready earlier they would be more successful in the future.”

When you decide that you want to be a teacher, there are a number of subjects that you can aim to teach. So why did Mr. Robinett choose English?: “It’s funny because I hated English in high school, but I love reading and people say I write pretty well. When I decided to teach, I wanted to do history, but I was told history is one of the hardest subjects to get. And so I thought that English is kind of like history, because you’re reading historical pieces and you’re getting a personal view of what happened rather than just facts. So it kind of has those aspects that are like history.”

Mr. Robinett thinks that Granite Hills is a great school, and he hopes to contribute by making sure that “students are prepared for anything, whether it’s their next year, or college, or the military, or a job. Just that they’re out there and ready to be successful.”

Our staff welcomes Mr. Robinett, and we hope he has an outstanding teacher career here at GHHS!