Teen Depression

Teen Depression

Madison Nash, Writer

Depression is a problem among teenagers in this day and age. Struggles with bipolar depression or anxiety is an ongoing problem among some young adults.

Everyone has one of those days where they’re “Down in the dumps”, however, sometimes this feeling doesn’t always go away.

Bipolar depression is a serious mental illness, a mental disorder that is characterized by serious mood swings. A person with Bipolar disorder can have alternating “highs” and “lows”. Bipolar can be treated with psychiatric medications and psychotherapy.

Some of the signs of teenage depression, is a noticeable change in behavior. Some kids may have excessive sleep, start having criminal behavior, apathy, fatigue, rebellious behavior, skipping or late for class, rapid weight loss or gain, and constant sadness or negative mood.

How can teenagers get depressed? Sometimes depression can run in the family. Other times, it is caused by stress, or teenage pressure, such as unrealistic expectations to do well in school.

Depression can be treated and dealt with. If you are feeling depressed try making new friends, or participating in clubs or a sport. “Healthy relationships with peers are central to teens’ self-esteem and provide an important social outlet.” says Mental Health America.

If your depression worsens and is left untreated, it can be life threatening.  Try to get professional help, and see a therapist, or doctor. Medication prescribed by a doctor can also be  necessary.

If you’re feeling down try talking to someone about it. If this feeling doesn’t go away, don’t stand by. Get help! Depression can lead to suicide, if left untreated.

There’s always someone you can talk to, whether a teacher, counselor, or friend.  Another place you can try is:Teenlineonline.org. We even have a pride line here if you need to talk to someone. It’s text only, and the number is: 1-951-307-6387.

Remember Cougars, you’re never alone.