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The Granite Planet

Taylor Johnson
Hi! My name is Breana but I prefer if you call me by Bee. I’m 14 years old, and a freshman here at Granite Hills High School.

I joined the journalism class here at Granite because I wanted to improve on my writing and share my ideas and thoughts with my fellow students.

I’m also on Granite’s Varsity Cougar Cheerleading team and I enjoy it so much! I am a flyer and occasionally tumble. I did all-star cheer for about a year, but I really wanted to do high school cheer because I realized how much passion I had left for performing and flying.

During the week, my life consists of school, cheer practice, homework, and a lot of good laughs with my friends in between. On the weekends, I love to shop, like any girl, and hang out with my friends. I have a strong love for fashion. I take what I wear on the daily very seriously actually. If I wear the same outfit twice to school it’ll honestly bug me the whole day!

I also enjoy road trips, traveling, the beach, going to Six Flags (which I try to go every month since I have a pass), and bonfires with my friends. I also love monkeys because I basically am one, and piggyback rides.

My favorite foods are noodles, PB & j’s, pancakes, grilled cheese, potatoes, berries, and cherry Slurpees, if that even counts as a food. I would love to go to USC to major in psychology, fashion, or management. That’s basically me!

Taylor Johnson, Writer

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