I Mustache You A Question

Kendyll Clark, staff

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How do you feel about Mr. Arnt’s mustache? Do you like how it looks? Do you like the color? Do you like the shape of it? Do you think that its a good look for him?

This week we felt like being kind of silly and decided it would be funny to do an article on Mr. Arnt’s mustache. We believe that Mr. Arnt has a wonderful mustache. It goes perfectly with his face. We couldn’t imagine if he shaved or got rid of his mustache because it fits his personality very well. We think he has a “Cowboy” mustache. It looks like he’s a cowboy.

He said, “I need to bring hair spray to school.” That’s probably so the hairs don’t get messed up. We think that the mustache is very, very happy lying peacefully on Mr. Arnt’s face. We wanted more information about him and his mustache so we decided to interview him.

We asked him how long he has been growing his mustache and he said, “I have been growing it since 1982.” Do you ever plan to shave it? He responded, “Yes.” Do you ever dye it different colors? He said, “Yes and I might dye it red tonight if I remember.” Does it ever tickle your face? He responded, “No.” Do you ever comb it? He said, “Yes.”

Mr.Arnt has a very nice, cool-looking, fluffy mustache. We thought it would be fun to get a few more opinions on his mustache, so we decided to ask some of the Journalism girls what their opinion was on it. We just asked them one question to keep it simple. We ask them what they think about it. The first person we interviewed was Jacquelyn Northcutt. She said, “It’s okay, I don’t really like mustaches in general.” After Jacquelyn we interviewed Courtney Moran. She said, “I think its totally rad.”

We didn’t want to interview a lot of people, so we just interviewed two. We didn’t really want to do a serious type of article this week, so we decided to write all about Mr. Arnt’s mustache, and what people’s opinion on them was. Sometimes its fun not being serious.