Freshmen AVID Getting into the Program

Ashley Heim and Hannah Bell

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Student life: Freshmen Avid

We asked a freshmen class of AVID students how their school year has been with the help of AVID. We only got positive responses.

First, we asked Evelyn Quick, the freshman president, what she enjoyed about AVID and perks of being the program. She responded with, “I joined AVID in 7th grade and continued to freshmen year. I want to stay in this program for the next 4 years, and hopefully with the help of AVID I will attend a university some day.”

      We also interviewed Kierra Pollard. Her response to our question was, “I joined AVID so I could get better grades and so I can do better in life.” She also said that she has done better in school since she has been in AVID than when she wasn’t.

    Over all, after the interviews we can see that Avid does a lot for the kids here in Granite Hills high school. Most of them would love to continue the AVID program for the next 4 years, to prepare themselves for college. The AVID program is great and the students here love it.