An Interview with Andrea Brickey, Cheerleader

An Interview with Andrea Brickey, Cheerleader

Jenna Martin and Reanna McCune

On August 21st, at roughly 8:30 am, we interviewed Granite Hills High cheerleader, Andrea Brickey.


Question #1: Whats your name? And what is your role in the team?

Andrea: I’m Andrea Brickey, and I am one of the co-captains.


Question #2: How long have you been a cheerleader?

Andrea: This is my third year being one.


Question #3: What made you want to be a cheerleader?

Andrea: I love to perform, cheerleading is a way that I can.


Question #4: What inspired you to join this sport?

Andrea: I came here and I was very spirited. However a lot of my peers weren’t. Maybe that’s why.


Question #5: Describe a week of practice in three words.

Andrea: Hard, fun, and crazy.


Question #6: How is your relationship with your coach?

Andrea: We have a very comfortable relationship. Like we can talk about anything. We just have fun together.


Question #7: How do you juggle cheer and school?

Andrea: My schedule is easy. I have a lot of electives, but I go to school, go to practice, and then go to another practice for wrestling. And then I go home, and whatever homework I get, I finish it. Then I do the whole process over again.


Question #8: If you became a famous cheerleader, what would you tell your fans to inspire them?

Andrea: Don’t stop working, even if you think you might not be as talented as other people.