A Tribute to Robin Williams

Josie Baker, Abigail Williams and Madison Nash, Staff Writers

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Last week on Monday, August 12th, RobinWilliams was pronounced dead at the age of 63. He left behind three children and his third wife. Williams’ memorial service will be private and is planned for later on this week around the San Francisco Bay, his home area. The family does not want his memorial service to be televised and neither would he.

His wife claimed three days after his death, that Williams had Parkinson’s disease (a disease that attacks the brain and makes it difficult to even walk. Sadly there is no cure), depression, and anxiety.

We are certainly going to miss this actor. Robin Williams was not only a famous actor but was also a well known comedian. He had starred in more than 45 movies. Some of the movies he starred in were “RV”, “August Rush”, “Popeye”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Aladdin”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. He was nominated best actor three times for an Oscar. He won two Emmy awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild, and five Grammy awards. He had nine movies and a TV show that he was acting in, but now some of the movies will not be finished, or they will have to replace or eliminate the character that he plays.

He will not only be missed ,but he will also be remembered as one of the funniest comedians and actors of the 21st century. Even gamers are showing love for the now deceased actor. They started two petitions, arguing that there should be a Robin Williams tribute in Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft”, and Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda”.”Gamers have put their weight behind a pair of petitions asking two of the largest gaming companies in the world to honor the late Robin Williams, who was an avid gamer in life”, stated NBC News.

Robin Williams was a great man who created many of our childhood memories. He will be missed terribly by the students, and staff of Granite Hills High School.