Mr. McCall Begins His Reign over Granite Hills


Jacquelyn Northcutt and Kayla Powell, Staff Writers

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On August 6, 2014, Mr. McCall officially began his “term” of principalship at Granite Hills. Even though Mr. Kincaid left some tough shoes to fill, Mr. McCall believes he can do the job, and he began working on improvements last year with Mr. Kincaid, who “allowed me to start a lot of new things on campus. For instance, SCADA (System Control And Design Academy) started last year, so what I’m going to do is bolster that, and make it larger than it was. We’re looking at doing TV/Video Production, which we started last year…we want to expand that; Healthcare, including Medical Assist, which we didn’t have before; and then Hospitality: there’s Bakery and Restaurant Occupation and Catering, which we’re going to expand with World-Class Bakery and World-Class Restaurant.”

When asked about his vision for Granite Hills, Mr. McCall said,”My vision is that we are the best high school in this area. We’ve already started on that. We have an outstanding AP Program, and like I said we’re expanding some of the other programs that we have started over the last few years. It’s going to be something that is very easy for us to do.”

Mr. McCall told journalism that his favorite part of the school is the staff and student body. “We have a student body that actually cares about this school, and I think it’s one of the first student bodies that believes that they are Cougars and they support maroon and grey. We have a faculty that believes this is home, and that believes every student has the right to learn and the ability to learn.”

In the few days that Mr. McCall has been in charge of the school, the staff and students have been able to see how committed he is to the school, and how much he cares about the education of those enrolled. With this in mind, we can all look forward to the new “golden age” that Granite Hills is about to enter.