What Is Your Favorite Subject?

Courtney Moran and Kendyll Clark, Staff Writers

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We handed out 96 survey sheets for students to answer what their favorite subject was and received a variety of responses. The top most favorite subjects were history, math, science, English, art, and P.E. Math was the top answer with 21 percent of students that said it was their favorite and there was a tie of 6 percent with science, art, and P.E. Statistics of www.gallup.com show that for 13 to 17 year olds, math is the most favorite subject with 23 percent. The follow up would be English and literature with 13 percent. Comparing to our results here at Granite Hills High, the results are similar to the statistics of www.gallup.com. In my opinion, math is something you either love or hate and the same goes for science. English and literature can be a struggle to most people too. Many students like their English classes for a chance to read literature. The real question is, why is it your favorite subject and is this something you want to look into for a future career?