1st Week for Freshmen!

Hannah Bell and Ashley Heim

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When we asked a freshman class how their first week of school was, the main response we received was,“It’s different, the students are helpful, but it’s a lot to get used to.” They felt it’s been decent so far, but realize it may begin to get difficult later on.

Most of those questioned have agreed that high school is a huge change from middle school and is full of new and different experiences.  When asked how her first week of school was, Kendyll Clark replied, “It was confusing at first to find classes, but after the first day, school began to be fun.”

Matthew Kempton, another student we interviewed replied to our question and said, “ The first week of school was not what I expected. I mostly expected it to be hectic, but it wasn’t. I found my classes and completed them easily.” So far, it seems as if the freshman are all excited for this upcoming year.

Ebony Richard stated “My freshman year is kind of easy. I definitely like 9th grade more than 8th grade.”

Overall, it seems like the freshman have enjoyed their first week of school and are looking forward to a great year.