Yes or No- Are You Going to College?

Kendyll Clark and Courtney Moran, Staff Writers

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In a random poll out of 72 seniors and 69 juniors, we asked both Advanced Placement and standard classes whether or not they had plans to go to college after high school.

Most students in high school are starting to seriously think about college in their junior year, but we believe that most juniors are still unsure or undecided about what they want to do with their futures.

The first junior class was an American Literature class, and 25 out of 39 raised their hands and the Advanced Placement class was a result of 29 out of 30. From our test results, those who are in the Advanced Placement classes are more interested in going to college.

The first senior class we asked was an Advanced Placement class. When we surveyed the class, 35 out of 35 students raised their hands.

The second was an ERWC senior class 33 out of 37 students raised their hands. I noticed the eagerness and excitement in the Advanced Placement senior class versus the attitude in the standard class. I believe maybe the Advanced Placement class is more excited and looking forward to the future and maybe the juniors are still unsure.