Fashion Trends for 2016

Derica Patterson, Reporter

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Every  year some new trend comes out in the fashion world that catches the eyes of most of the younger generation. This year and most of the last year there has been quite a few for both male and females.Some even put their own little style to it , but for the most part, it still follows what’s in right now.

Some of the latest things can be worn by both girls and boys such as jogger pants, it was more of a 2015 trend but you can still spot a couple of people wearing them . According to Google , it was one of the things searched for the most in the fashion category. I would have to assume they are so popular because they’re very comfortable to wear, but you can still look cool wearing them.

One of the top things I would have to say that I saw would be the baseball caps.They were worn in the summer, the spring, and even the winter. It definitely seems like the go-to for a lot of people. Even though the baseball caps were used for almost every season that doesn’t go for everything, certain seasons there are things people like to go to more. For instance, in the winter cardigans were in for the girls along with oversized sweaters, scarves, and knee-high riding boots.

For the boys, there wasn’t really too much a hoodie could be pretty much thrown on or the windbreaker jackets along with the other basic things that are worn in the winter I didn’t notice that much of a trend. Besides for the cold months, everything else could be worn any other time like another huge thing are the flannels. They are mostly used for wrapping around the waist, but some like to actually wear them as a shirt.

Along with the flannels would have to be  ripped jeans; you can hardly pass someone up that doesn’t have a couple of rips in their jeans or at least own a pair. This goes for boys and girls; of course the boys’ rips aren’t quite like the girls, but it’s still part of the same similar trend.

Lastly to go along with these outfits are obviously footwear.Some of the shoes that are popular but have been around would be high top Vans, Jordans, high top Chucks, and Nike Air Force 1’s. Those are shoes that have been worn forever, but some new ones would be Nike Roshe runs which was seen for quite a little bit but seems to be dying down, Nike Huaraches, and whatever Jordans that are new at the moment. There are so many more trends, but those are a few of the obvious ones.

Styles come and go and sometimes are even repeated every couple of years , but the youth never fails to make it look good and trendy.